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Operation Burning Edge

The world is awash with information and finding the truth can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That's why we are thrilled to bring you Operation Burning Edge, an innovative investigative series led by the acclaimed journalist Ann Vandersteel.

Operation Burning Edge shifts its focus to uncovering hidden truths and bringing transparency to critical societal issues. Ann Vandersteel is leading the effort to explain and uncover the dire situation happening at our border by interviewing experts in the field. This series aims to help viewers understand what we need to do as a nation to recover before the rapid decline accelerates and we are left with nothing.

What is the border crisis?

Illegal immigration has always been a challenge. The border crisis is a complex issue that is occurring at our borders, particularly at the southern border with Mexico. The influx of undocumented individuals makes it difficult to thoroughly vet everyone, posing potential security risks – not just for your family, but for the whole country.

Should you be in the know? How does this affect you?

During this streaming event, we will cover a range of pressing issues including high levels of illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug smuggling. We will also discuss the challenges posed by asylum seekers overwhelming our border facilities. Expert discussions, testimonials from guests who have been informed and inspired by investigative journalism efforts, and case studies of successful accountability and change prompted by investigative journalism will be featured.

Stream at your convenience and purchase the Operation Burning Edge Premium Package here. You'll also get Brighteon's original movie, 17 Miles, and the exclusive behind-the-scene clips as a bonus.

Operation Burning Edge with Ann Vandersteel will premiere on BrightU on July 20 at 12 PM EST and will stream until July 28 at 12 PM EST. We will keep each episode on replay for 24 hours (from 12 noon EST until the following day, at 12 noon EST), at which point we'll play our next episode in the series.

Make sure to mark your calendars to not miss any episodes. Check the full guide below:

  • Day 1: July 20-21: Understanding The Border Crisis with Decorated Journalist Oscar Blue Ramirez
  • Day 2: July 21-22: Why The Border Crisis Affects All Of Us with former border patrol agent J.J. Carell
  • Day 3: July 22-23: We Must Take Immediate Action Now with Mike Adams
  • Day 4: July 23-24: Diving In Deeper About The Border Crisis with Col (Ret) John R. Mills
  • Day 5: July 24-25: Updates and Important PSAs From Operation Burning Edge's Ann Vandersteel & Micheal Yon
  • Day 6: July 25-26: Replay of episodes 1-5
  • Day 7: July 26-27: Bonus - 17 Miles Movie
  • Day 8: July 27-28: Bonus - Behind the scenes

Join the movement.

Operation Burning Edge is not simply a series of investigations about our critical border situation. It is a call to action. BrightU and Ann Vandersteel invite everyone to participate in the movement toward a more informed and transparent society.

Addressing America's border crisis requires a deep understanding and a multifaceted approach involving policy reform, community action, and informed dialogue. By comprehending the complexities and impacts of the issue, we can contribute to effective and compassionate solutions.

Here are the topics that our experts will cover:

Episode 1

Day 1: Understanding The Border Crisis featuring Host Ann Vandersteel & Decorated Journalist Oscar Blue Ramirez

Join Ann Vandersteel as she gains intel from guest Oscar Blue Ramirez. Oscar is a journalist and war and immigration correspondent, decorated winner of the Diana Turbay award in Colombia, and 2-time emerging award winner for his coverage of The Darien Gap. He is also a freelance collaborator Epoch Times / Correspondent For Real Americans.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn about the current issues happening around our borders and why we should be concerned.
  • Discover the inhumane open border policies that lead to the extortion and kidnapping of hundreds of immigrants.
  • Witness the carnage of these weaponized mass human migration caravans moving through the community and what it's doing to the country.
  • Catch up on the latest mishaps of the Biden administration and how they can lead to war on our borders.

Episode 2

Day 2: Why The Border Crisis Affects All Of Us featuring Ann Vandersteel and Former Border Patrol Agent J.J. Carrell

Ann Vandersteel and J.J. Carell discuss the crucial stats on the border that put the crisis we face into reality. Starring guest J.J. Carrell applies knowledge from his 24-year career in the United States Border Patrol, as a Journeyman Agent to a Deputy Patrol Agent in charge, to expose the who, why, and how this treason is being perpetrated against our great nation.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Explore thoroughly researched effects of the influx of undocumented individuals on our national security.
  • Learn about the border crisis' impact on our economy and its strain on public resources such as healthcare, law enforcement, and education.
  • Hear about the humanitarian concerns due to overcrowded detention facilities that lead to poor living conditions.
  • Gain insights into how it divides us through social and political aspects, which can lead to heightened emotions and societal tensions.

Episode 3

Day 3: We Must Take Immediate Action Now featuring Ann Vandersteel and Mike Adams

Ann Vandersteel & Mike Adams will talk about the need to act now more than ever. Mike Adams explains why we must take quick action in order to save the nation.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn about the invasion that's coming across our borders but also how we, as Americans, need to prepare for what's coming.
  • Discover the hidden and grim truth that “they” have been planning, which can lead to America being brought to her knees.
  • Gain insights on the greed of the power, anti-God and anti-human agenda that uses mass human weaponized migration.
  • Dive into how America is vulnerable against invaders right now and how our freedom is slowly being stripped away.

Episode 4

Day 4: Diving in Deeper About The Border Crisis featuring COL (Ret) John R. Mills & Host Ann Vandersteel

Join Ann Vandersteel & Col (Ret) John R. Mills as they dissect and uncover harrowing truths about the ongoing invasion at the border. They will shine a light on the darkest corners of our borders, their issues and hidden truths, and bring accountability to the forefront.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Hear about the grim situations that are happening on our borders, which include kidnappings, drug smuggling, and human trafficking.
  • Learn about the dwindling numbers of our marines, military, and weapons, and what that means for our national security.
  • Gain insights on why illegal aliens are being given voter privileges in local and state elections.
  • Discover the truth about Chinese spies and how they have penetrated the barrier outside of our Autech facility and Navy facility in Haiti.

Episode 5

Day 5: Updates and Important PSAs From Operation Burning Edge's Ann Vandersteel & Micheal Yon

Ann Vandersteel & Micheal Yon from Operation Burning Edge give updates on what's going on around the world and what We The People can do to raise awareness, ensuring that justice is served and the public is informed. Through this initiative, we can gain insights and make informed decisions on how we can contribute and save our borders from invasion.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn about how the information war is the highest form of warfare and why you should always seek the truth.
  • Discover the harrowing truth of why globalist are doing this and what is going to happen over the next few years if this continues.
  • Take a peek behind the curtain as our hosts discuss what went on during the filming of the 17 Miles documentary.
  • Witness the reenactment of what people go through as they are going over the border and how they are being extorted, exploited, and taken advantage of.

Join us at BrightU today and be part of creating a future where truth triumphs over misinformation, and accountability is the standard practice. Take this opportunity to make a difference. Discover the reality of what's happening on our borders, unravel the complexities of political and corporate systems, and learn how they can be manipulated.

Operation Burning Edge aims to equip you with knowledge and motivate you to contribute to building a better, more transparent world. Join us in safeguarding our borders today, and together, we can safeguard America for our future generations. Let's uncover the truth together and make a real impact.

About Ann Vandersteel

Ann Vandersteel is an investigative journalist. She has decades of experience in journalism and a track record of integrity. Ann Vandersteel's leadership is the cornerstone of Operation Burning Edge. Her unwavering commitment to journalistic ethics and her fearless approach to uncovering the truth have earned her a reputation as one of the most trusted voices in media.

Vandersteel's dedication to transparency and accountability resonates with audiences who are tired of biased reporting and yearn for fact-based journalism. With Ann Vandersteel at the helm, Operation Burning Edge promises to redefine journalism and empower the public with the knowledge they deserve.

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